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Creating delectable homemade pralines without any experience nor complicated tools? It’s within your reach! With this book as a guide you will astonish your guests.

In Ooh La La Chocola! author Eva Van der Linden explains you very clearly, along with many pictures, how to transform a simple piece of chocolate into delicious pralines with fillings that will tickle the senses. She draws from her own experience as an amateur chef and chocoholic. One by one, the recipes are very approachable and all ingredients are easy to find.

An absolute must for every chocolate addict!


To see the first 15 pages and the table of contents, go HERE and click on the cover of the book.

Ordering my book

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You can also order it in your book store if you mention ISBN 978 16 1627 567 9


Titel: Ooh La La Chocola!
Subtitle: Belgian chocolate making for beginners
Author: Eva Van der Linden
ISBN: 978 16 1627 567 39
Number of pages: 61
Binding: paperback
Printing: full color
Format: 21cm x 21cm
Price: 24,99
Publication date: 02/12/2013

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